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protecting elderly parents assets

Protecting Your Elderly Parents Assets
“How Can I Protect My Elderly Parents’ Assets?”

Warning Signs That Your Parents’ Assets Might Need Protection

One of the most challenging aspects of growing older is admitting vulnerability, particularly when it comes to personal finances. Unfortunately, fraudsters have no qualms in taking advantage of this vulnerability. So, what are the red flags signaling a potential risk? Below are some common early warning signs that your elderly parent’s assets might need protection:

  • Late or Forgotten Bill Payments – These are often the first signs that your loved one may need help managing finances. In the mail pile, watch out for overdue payment notices or increasingly aggressive collection letters.
  • Trouble Checking Their Bank Accounts – If they aren’t savvy with technology and online banking, your parents might struggle to keep track of balances and pending transactions. Any expressed frustration or confusion may warrant a closer look.
  • They Don’t Remember Making Purchases – Frequent, unexplained shopping or online purchases may suggest cognitive issues or the influence of predatory marketing.
  • Calls from Bill Collectors – Regular calls from collection agencies may point towards an inability to manage finances properly or even a potential fraud.
  • Money Missing from Their Bank Account – Unexplained transfers, larger than usual ATM withdrawals, or dwindling savings are all serious signs of potential fraud.

Some Common Scams That Target The Elderly

Sadly, there seems to be an endless stream of stories about the elderly being defrauded. Some usual suspects include:

  • Threatening Phone Calls – Intimidating or coercive phone calls masquerading as law enforcement or tax agencies can scare them into relinquishing their savings
  • Grandparents Scam – A fraudster impersonates a grandchild or other relative in need of immediate financial help.
  • Lottery Scam – Typically, victims are told they won a significant award but must pay a fee or taxes first to receive it.
  • Mortgage Loan Scams – Scammers convince homeowners they can save their homes from foreclosure or improve their credit, but in reality, they are stealing the equity in the house.
  • Insurance Scams – Some con artists sell worthless insurance policies covering life care, death, and even funeral expenses.
  • Internet Romance Scams – Lonely hearts can be lured into relationships only to be stripped of their assets when their online sweetheart suddenly experiences a financial crisis.

Tips To Protect Your Elderly Parents’ Assets

In the face of these risks, there are several proactive steps we can take to help our parents safeguard their assets:

  • Sign Your Parents Up for Free Credit Reports – Regularly review their credit reports for suspicious activity. With their permission, you can also set up a credit monitoring service.
  • Talk to Your Loved One Often – Regular communication will not only keep their spirits high but also help you spot any changes in behavior that might point towards financial vulnerability.
  • Setup Automatic Payments – This can help assuage the risk of forgotten payments and potential accumulating debts.
  • Add Your Parents’ Phone Numbers to the Do Not Call Registry – This action can cut down significantly on potential scam calls.
  • Agree On a Daily Spending Limit – Establish a reasonable boundary that will meet the needs but prevent large and impulsive purchases.
  • Designate a Durable Power of Attorney – This allows a trusted individual to manage finances if your parents are unable to do so.
  • Establish a Living Trust – It provides a way to protect and manage assets while allowing for flexibility and control during their lifetime.

Where To Report Financial Abuse Of The Elderly

If you suspect that your parents are victims of financial abuse, effective reporting starts with contacting local authorities. The following agencies should be able to help:

  • Your Local Police – Reporting to the police allows for investigatory and potential criminal action if warranted.
  • Your State Consumer Protection Office – They can often provide guidance on what action to take, often involving local or state laws.
  • Your Local Area on Aging Agency – These agencies offer resources and guidance on elder abuse and financial exploitation.
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Protecting Your Elderly Parents Assets - Related Questions

How can I help my elderly parents manage their finances?

Helping begins with open, honest conversations about the need for assistance. It may also involve setting up automatic payments, daily spending limits, or seeking professional help like a financial advisor or an attorney power of attorney.

How to safeguard my elderly parents from internet fraud?

Encourage them to protect their personal information, install and update antivirus software on their computers, avoid clicking dubious emails and speak with them about the forms these scams can take.

What do I do if I suspect my parent has been a victim of a scam?

Contact your local law enforcement agency, the financial institution involved, and appropriate state agencies depending on the nature of the scam. Use your judgement in response to the urgency of the situation.

Where else can I report financial abuse of the elderly?

Besides local authorities, you may report financial abuse to social services or even to the FBI if you suspect it to involve larger fraud networks.

What are the benefits of selling my parent's home to a buying company?

These companies offer competitive pricing, quick turnaround time, straightforward contracts, and straightforward installment plans. They can also take much of the hassle out of the selling process, such as not requiring home repairs before purchase.

protecting elderly parents assets

Bottom Line: Safeguarding Your Elderly Parents Assets

Protecting our elderly parents’ assets requires us to be alert at all times, to always be vigilant and to constantly keep an eye on their finances. But it’s not just about keeping an eye on their accounts – it’s also about having empathy and understanding what they’re going through. It’s about taking the time to have ongoing, open dialogues with them, and letting them be involved in the decision-making process when it comes to their money and assets. This way, we can be sure that we’re doing everything we can to keep our loved ones safe and financially secure, while also allowing them to maintain their independence and control over their lives.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal or financial advice. Please consult with professionals for advice specific to your situation.

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