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How Does Probate Work Without a Will in Maryland?

Dying Without a Will: What is Intestate?

Intestate succession refers to the legal framework that determines how an individual’s assets are distributed when they pass away without a will. In Maryland, the intestacy laws prioritize blood relationships, ensuring that surviving family members receive their rightful share of the estate. This process can be intricate, and understanding the priority of heirs is crucial.

In the absence of a will, the court appoints an administrator to oversee the distribution of assets. This individual is typically a close relative, and their responsibilities include identifying assets, paying debts, and distributing the remaining estate according to Maryland’s intestate succession laws.

Who Receives My Assets If I Die Without a Will?

When someone passes away intestate in Maryland, the distribution of assets follows a specific hierarchy. Here’s a breakdown of possible scenarios:

  • Children but no spouse: Assets are divided equally among the children.
  • Spouse but no living parents or children: The spouse inherits the entire estate.
  • Spouse and children who are under 18: The spouse receives half, and the remaining half is divided among the children.
  • Spouse and descendants, but no minor children: The spouse inherits the first $40,000 plus half of the remaining estate, while the descendants receive the remainder.
  • Spouse and living parents, but no descendants: The spouse receives the first $40,000 plus half of the remaining estate, and the parents inherit the rest.
  • Parents but no spouse or descendants: The parents inherit the entire estate.
  • Siblings, but no spouse, descendants, or parents: The siblings equally share the estate.

Which Assets May My Heirs Receive that Don’t Require Probate?

Certain assets bypass the probate process and are directly transferred to heirs. These assets include:

  • Jointly Owned Property: Property owned with rights of survivorship automatically transfers to the surviving co-owner.
  • Assets with Designated Beneficiaries: Assets such as life insurance policies and retirement accounts with named beneficiaries pass directly to them.
  • Payable-on-Death Accounts: Bank accounts with designated beneficiaries are transferred without probate.

Other Maryland Intestate Succession Scenarios

  • Adopted Children: Adopted children are treated the same as biological children in intestate succession.
  • Foster Children and Stepchildren: Unless legally adopted, foster children and stepchildren have no legal claim to the estate through intestate succession.

Dying With No Will or Family: What is Escheat?

In cases where an individual passes away without a will and has no surviving relatives, their property may escheat to the state of Maryland. Escheat is a legal process that ensures unclaimed property is transferred to the state for administration.

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Thinking About Selling a Property in the Estate?

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Probate Without a Will in MD - Related Questions

Can a non-relative inherit assets through intestate succession in Maryland?

No, Maryland’s intestate succession laws prioritize blood relationships, so only surviving relatives are eligible to inherit assets.

Can a spouse be completely disinherited through intestate succession?

No, a surviving spouse is entitled to a portion of the estate in most scenarios, but the specific amount depends on the presence of other relatives.

Can I challenge the intestate distribution of assets in court?

Challenging intestate succession distribution can be complex, but it’s possible under certain circumstances if you can provide evidence that the distribution is unfair or inaccurate.

Can I sell a property during the probate process?

Yes, but selling a property during probate can be time-consuming and involve legal procedures. Exploring options like selling to a home buying company might provide a faster alternative.

Is the administrator of the estate compensated for their role?

Yes, the administrator is typically entitled to compensation, which is determined by Maryland law and the complexity of the estate’s administration.

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Bottom Line: Understanding Probate Without a Will in Maryland

Understanding how probate works without a will in Maryland is crucial for both individuals seeking to plan their estates and those who may inherit assets through intestate succession. Maryland’s laws prioritize familial relationships in distributing assets, and considering alternative methods of selling property can provide quicker solutions for both heirs and those looking to sell an inherited house that is paid off.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal or financial advice. Please consult with professionals for advice specific to your situation.

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