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Gain Access To Our Highly Motivated Seller Leads By Joining Our Network Of Honorable and Trustworthy Investors

Get Motivated Seller Leads In Maryland

Are you currently investing in real estate but struggling to find quality deals? If so, join our cash buyer network and get exclusive access to our inbound motivated seller leads!

We are NOT Wholesalers looking to build a buyers list or send you leads with overvalued ARV’s and underestimated renovation costs. Unlike the bigger “national” companies, we actively invest in our local communities so we understand the numbers and what it takes to make a deal work in our markets.

We also realize that we can not realistically buy every lead in our pipeline and some deals just don’t fit our criteria, so we have decided to build a network of trustworthy and honorable real estate investors to gain access to our high quality, motivated seller inbound leads in your local market. We never post our deals online or send out blast text messages, all leads are sent directly to the inbox of our vetted, pre-qualified investors in that particular market.

Our Current Markets

We can not emphasize this enough, we only want to work with a handful of select direct end buyers in each market who have a proven track record and who can actually perform. We do not do “daisy chain” deals. All of our leads are “direct to seller” and we only work with direct end buyers.

Of course, we are all in business to make a money but we always want to put the seller’s needs first and try to figure out the best solution for their situation. If you are an honest and trustworthy investor that wants to assist home owners that need help with selling their properties, please apply by filling out the brief form below. Once we confirm your credibility, you will gain access to our highly motivated seller leads in your market!

Wholesalers and Real Estate Agents

Are you currently working with “vetted” cash buyers but can’t find them deals? Or do you have quality leads but can’t find serious cash buyers? Join our select JV Affiliate network to gain access to our motivated seller leads along with our vetted cash buyers and start closing more deals!


Are you struggling to get your first deal? Or, are you actually finding deals but lose them because the seller asked for a proof of funds and an earnest money deposit but you didn’t have either?

If this is your case, no worries! Next time you find a deal, partner with us and if the deal makes sense, we will put up the earnest money deposit and provide the proof of funds! If the numbers work, we’ll buy it! Or if the deal doesn’t fit our criteria or if we have too many projects going on, when can present it to our network of “vetted” cash buyers in that market. Now that’s a win-win-win!

On another note, if you have “pre-qualified” cash buyers but don’t have any inventory for them, have them apply to join our Trustworthy Investors Network and once we verify their credentials, we’ll start sending them motivated seller leads in their market and you will get paid not for just that one deal but any and all other deals we may do with that buyer in the future! (Make sure they add you as the referral when they sign up)
Earn residual income without having to spend any money on marketing. You get to earn while you learn!

So what are you waiting on? Apply to join our select network of JV Affiliates!

It is important to remember that all seller leads must be direct to seller. We will not get involved with any daisy chain deals.

Real Estate Agents

Are you working with real estate investors and having no luck finding them deals on the MLS? Or, are you throwing tons of money away on marketing strategies that just aren’t producing any results. Maybe you are getting leads but they mainly are just “tire-kickers”?

Worry no more! Join our network of Trusted Realtors! If you have “vetted” serious cash buyers, have them apply to join our select Trusted Investor Network and once we verify their credentials, we will start sending them deals and if they purchase a deal from us, you will earn a referral fee. Not just for the first deal but any other deals we sell them in the future! Your contact info will forever be attached to that clients profile and you will be included on all correspondence.

Sometimes our cash offer isn’t always the best solution for some home sellers. In certain circumstances, some home sellers may be better served by listing their properties on the MLS. This is where becoming a Trusted Realtor Affiliate has another benefit. In situations like this, we will refer the seller to one of our trusted affiliates. We can also make referrals to some of our cash buyers who are flippers and may be looking for a realtor to list the property for them. You can start earning residual income with very little effort!

Apply to join our select Trusted Realtor network and let’s start closing deals!


Do you have experience working with real estate investors? Or, are you currently working for real estate investors who are having no luck finding deals? These are two great reasons for you to apply to become one of our Trusted Contractor Affiliates.

If you have experience working with investors, once we can verify your credentials, we can start making referrals to some of our cash buyer investors. Even more, if you refer some of your current cash buyer clients, who are trustworthy and ethical, have them apply to our Cash Buyers Network and if they end up purchasing deals from us, you will earn a referral fee on every deal that we do with them. (Make sure they include you as the referral when they sign up).

We emphasize that we only are looking to work with ethical and honest contractors. Apply now to become a trusted vendor and once we confirm your credibility, we will start sending you referrals!

Yes I Pay Cash is a cash home buying company in Maryland. We specialize in buying houses for cash, but sometimes a cash offer isn’t the most suitable fit. In addition to a typical cash sale, we offer other solutions to help home sellers. Our goal is to help you. No realtors and no repairs necessary! You can sell your house as-is and close on the date of your choice.

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